Right to Buy

Right to Buy is a scheme backed by the Government which gives tenants in the social housing sector an opportunity to buy their home at a lesser price.

What schemes are available?

Right to buy a council house:

A council tenant may have the option to buy the property they live in at a reduced price if they qualify for the scheme.

What are the qualifying factors?

  • The property has to be the individual’s only home
  • The property has to be self-contained
  • The individual should be a secured tenant
  • The individual has had the council or housing association as their landlord for over 3 years

Assuming you qualify for all of these factors, you can buy your council home if you are a single tenant, in a relationship or even if you have lived with up to 3 members of your family in the property for a minimum of 12 months.

Housing Association Right to Buy

Housing Association Right to Buy is a scheme that will soon start in the UK. It will give housing association tenants the chance to buy their home at a reduced price. Some housing associations are not involved in the scheme so you will have to check in your area if you can apply or not.

There is not a fixed agreement on the extent of the discount that tenants will receive, although they are likely to be similar to the council house scheme.

The discount may be affected by the following:

  • The length of time an individual has been a tenant
  • If the individual is purchasing a house or a flat
  • The value of the property
  • The area the property is situated

The scheme may only be available to those who are in an assured tenancy with a housing association. There may also be a minimum amount of time you will have had to live in the property before being able to purchase your house.

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