Buying a Property

Are you buying a new home? Our experienced team of lawyers will make buying a property a smooth and easy procedure for you so all you will have to concentrate on is the move.

What do we do?

First of all,

  • We will send you a Letter of Engagement which we will need you to sign and return so we can begin our work.
  • We will get in contact with the seller’s lawyer to confirm they have been instructed and we will also request the draft contract.
  • We will need to know if you’re also selling a property as we can tie both transactions together.
  • Your estate agent will need to know that you’re using us as your lawyer so they can send us the ‘Memorandum of Sale’. They will send a copy to all relevant parties.

Legal Work

  • We will start working through the draft contract and all other documents; we will raise any necessary enquiries with the seller’s lawyer on your behalf.
  • If the property being purchased is leasehold then we will send a Managing Agent’s Questionnaire to the seller’s lawyer. This will go on to be sent to the landlord/housing agency.


  • Your lender will send us a copy of your mortgage offer.


  • We will examine the contract and relevant mortgage documents; if these are satisfactory to us then we will invite you in to sign your contract. Your deposit will need to be transferred to us with plenty of time to clear in time for exchange of contracts.


  • Your lender will require for you to have Buildings Insurance in place before the exchange of contracts.
  • A completion date needs to be agreed between all parties
  • Once all contracts are exchanged then the seller is legally bound to sell their property and you are legally bound to buy this property.
  • We will send your deposit to the seller’s lawyer at the point of contracts being exchanged.

Exchange and Completion

  • We will continue to carry out the further technical search as well as draw up the transfer deed. This means the property will be registered in your name after completion.
  • You will receive a statement from us showing all expenses. We will give you a final figure which will need to be paid to us before completion.

On Completion

  • Completion will be confirmed once the seller’s lawyer has received all monies due. Once this is certain, the seller will drop off the keys to their estate agent and you will be able to collect when you’re ready.
  • If you have taken out a mortgage, the deeds will be sent to your lender.
  • We will arrange for your name to be added to the title deeds.

We pride ourselves on our quick and easy service. We will help and advise you wherever necessary and you will be assigned a lawyer who you can call and email if you have any questions.

If you would like to speak to one of our team, please call us on 0121 384 4652 for any advice or a no-obligation quote.


It can normally take two to three months to buy a property. However please note that it can take longer if there are any complexities such as there is a complexity in the legal title, the searches reveal an onerous result or if you are in a chain. These examples are not exhaustive there can be many other legal issues that can affect the timescales.  The following website can provide further useful information  Please note if you are Buying a Leasehold property it will take longer approximately, please allow an extra 4 weeks as this type of title to a property is more complex.

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