Auction Advice & Attendance

Buying or selling a house at an auction may seem daunting to those who’ve never experienced an auction house before. Our team of lawyers are here to guide you if you are successful at an auction.

Attending an auction

It is important that all prospective buyers are familiar with all of the houses for sale before attending an auction. Once you have researched and found the properties you are interested in, you should get a legal pack that the vendor’s lawyer will have.

This legal pack will include copies of:

  • Special conditions of sale
  • Title deeds
  • Lease
  • Office copy entries
  • Searches
  • Replies to pre-contract enquiries

The documents should be examined by a lawyer and then returned to you with any potential problems.

This may all seem a bit extreme before going to an auction house, but it can be crucial information which will help you understand any potential problems with the property in question.

Selling a property

Selling your property at an auction house can be a quick solution to selling your home. Our team of lawyers can create a legal pack for perspective buyers.

Our auction sales pack include:

  • Title deeds
  • Leases
  • Conveyancing Searches – Local Authority and Water/Drainage
  • Office copy entries
  • Special conditions of sale

If you are interested in buying or selling at an auction house, contact our team of lawyers on 0121 384 4652 and we can advise you further. We have extensive conveyancing experience to ensure you can relax, knowing the sale of your property is in the correct hands.

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